Why do you think experts and consumers appearing in testimonials often appear artificial, thus rendering the commercial unpersuasive?

... because the camera makes them nervous?
... because they don't believe what they are saying?
... because they are unable to express their opinions suitably?

........ or perhaps they are simply ........
not well moderated?!

Give us a call if you want your testimonial to be persuasive!


We know how to do them right, because we are highly experienced and fully understand exactly how to conduct such interviews!

  • we loosen up respondents, as we know how to neutralize the artificiality of such situations
  • we engage them in the subject in order to increase their credibility and dynamism
  • we give them a shot of our own energy when fatigue starts to be a problem
  • we ask questions in a way that ensures we get the answers we want


We have moderated testimonials for:

  • Sensodyne (different variants) – experts and consumers
  • Pronamel
  • Rutinoscorbin
  • Corega (Tabs, Krem)
  • Dove (Krem, Deo)