Do you now why so few moderators succeed in interviewing children?

You're right if you think that they:

…know little about developmental psychology...
…fail to speak children's language…
…want to be liked, then lose control of the kids…
…don't know the tools that should be used in such situations…

If you are looking for specialists in child interviewing, contact us!

We have expertise in conducting studies of products and services addressed to parents and/or children – and, to tell you the truth, we take a great deal of pleasure in conducting them!

We know and understand mothers' and children's needs, and we keep current with market trends in this area. Currently, we are creating a set of research products and tools dedicated to the "I, parent" project.

We know how to:

  • select the right methodology: group or individual interview, with the mother or not, at home or in a research studio etc.
  • design the study properly: shorter length, age- and gender-specific, simplified questions and scales, limited amount of materials to be tested, supporting requisites such as play money, happy faces, victor's podiums and cups.
  • talk to kids: we are psychologists and mothers ourselves, so we know how to deal with preschool- and school-aged children
  • analyze the results: while we have extensive experience working with children, we consult with children's psychologists and pedagogues in difficult cases.