Do you know what to do so that workplace/ in-home visits are always effective?

All you have to do is assign the task to us!

We understand that important people in your organization are devoting their valuable time to these interviews.
We know how to organize and conduct them efficiently and professionally.
We have a great deal of experience in this area and are highly engaged in these tasks.

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We ensure:

  • careful and fully controlled recruitment -> while recruitment is conducted for us by experienced coordinators, we nevertheless double-check to make sure the respondent and interview site meet the agreed criteria prior to every interview.
  • comfort and efficient logistics -> we have our own means of transport, which enables us to get from interview to interview quickly and efficiently, and to pick up our clients and take them where they wish.
  • highly experienced moderators who have worked in the sector for years and have conducted hundreds of workplace/ in-home interviews.
  • excellent translators who have extensive experience in this type of interview and know how to stay in the background and not disrupt the flow of conversation.

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